Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Memory Lane

So, I decided to go through our photos for today's post. Here's the little gem I came up with for you all!

This was March 6, 2008 - three weeks after I'd met my husband-to-be on a "blind" date (a.k.a. date). My job has a policy that we don't really shut down for weather related, ever. I was at work when it started snowing. A little snow is no big deal. Snow coming down as heavy and fast as this WAS a big deal. When we were finally released, three hours after the snow had been falling heavily, the damage was already done. Every highway was a disaster area. Most were completely still. Work is 40 miles from where my boyfriend was. My house was closer, but I lived in a cabin in the woods where you can literally see the outdoors through cracks in the walls in some spots. My house would literally be too cold for me to sleep in during a storm like this.

It took me over three hours to reach his duplex. I literally broke down and cried half way there. I called everyone I could think of to get me through the madness of sitting in traffic and sliding off the road until my phone ran dead.

But when I got there.....he hugged and kissed me and we played in the snow.....where I got a snowball directly to the face! Um....oops?!

I had the next day off for a doctors visit; a follow up to see if I had cancer. Which I don't. But that's why I remember the date so well. A bittersweet day made better solely because of this cute guy I was falling in love with, only I'm not sure we really knew it yet!

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