Saturday, August 7, 2010

The destoyer of toys!

I feel the need to document all the toys that my little puppy has been able to destroy in just two weeks. Two of which, the orange star "hard to destroy" toy and pink rope were both torn to shreds in mere hours!

For that, she's been relegated to nylabones along. She seems to be unable to destroy those no matter how hard she tries.

Poor puppy....she did this to herself!


  1. Our dogs do that, too. Particularly Arynson. Sometimes Target has ropes in the dollar spot, and we stock up on them, because they seem fairly durable. We get about a week or so out of them mostly in piece before having to get rid of them. :)

  2. Sadly....she's banned from ropes. She destroyed a purple one, then a pink. The day she destroyed the pink one, she threw up in her kennel during the night. There was BOTH pink and purple strings all knotted together. So, we decided it's best not to give her something she can so easily ingest if we want to stay out of the vet! :)

    We have found that the Hartz dura play toys last a good long while with her. She's had one for a week and it's barely marred! So, I just got a Hartz tuff stuff toy. So far so good. Apparently, anything with material is just a no-go in puppy phase!

    This dog is expensive! Hah.