Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Two years

I graduated two years ago today. Technically, you'll be reading this in two years and a day, but hey.

After my divorce, I allowed myself to "miss" one semester, but promised I'd start the following semester, Fall 2006. I worked full-time and went to school full-time at night. I took 12-15 hours during the long semesters and at least two classes per summer. Since I started with my associates, I finished my bachelors in exactly two years. My goal was to finish before I turned thirty. I made it by three months! I was so excited, and my then-boyfriend took me on a celebratory trip to Vegas, baby!

I was on such a high!!!!!!!!!

Until the financial market crashed nearly the same month I graduated......with a finance degree. Yeah. True story.

Two years later, I still haven't found a new job. It's disheartening to actively look for a new career for two straight years. I'm thankful I didn't leave my old job, that's for certain. Still, I'm hopeful that I didn't put in ALL that hard work for nothing more than a loan to pay off. I'd like to hope that it will lead to opportunities....someday.

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